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Pom Pom Fur Toque — Blue

  • $28.00

Our Pom Pom Toque is the ultimate cool fall/winter accessory for kids and babies. Little ones will love the way they feel by also keeping them snuggled & warm and you’ll love the way they look!

Our beanies are made out of high quality material & feature a detachable real Pom Pom fur. The Pom Pom is attached with a military strength snap button (so it doesn't fall off while your child plays) that can be conveniently unsnapped for hand washing the toque.


· 100% angora
· Real raccoon Pom Pom fur
· Remove Pom Pom prior to hand washing the toque
· One size fits all.

· For babies under 1, you can roll up the toque to fit.